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PV Solar Power Grid Tie Solutions for COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS

Electricity cots contributes to a large portion of expenses in Factories and Commercial Buildings. A PV system will reduce the electricity cost considerably as most of Commercial buildings are operational during daytime, when the electricity demand is the highest. Return of Investments are achieved as high as 30% per annum! Carbon emissions are reduced dramatically, thus reducing the CO2 tax bill. PV systems are low in operational cost and do not require much maintenance, except for occasional cleaning. ROOFTOP PV Commercial Building owners who install PV, could benefit from the additional income stream when selling off the electricity to their tenants (PPA)! Our PV systems can be installed on any suitable Rooftop, unused or vacant land applications such as window cladding for large buildings are also available. All PV systems can be monitored through the internet.

Our mission is to provide clients across South Africa and Southern Africa, energy effective PV turnkey solutions for housing estates, hotels, factories, offices, shopping centres and Government buildings by:

  • Reduction of their electrical bills by specific PV packages and operational systems
  • Shifting of electrical energy into alternative time periods
  • De- marking of electricity to other energy sources

We design custom made PV electrical solutions, which reduces building costs, minimises operational expenses and makes sure that the investment is sustainable


SOLAR ENERGY EXPRESS (PTY) LTD and Schneider Electric is formed as an engineering consulting firm specializing in electrical engineering services with a particular focus on PV solar energy. A home office in Gauteng, South Africa, has been established in the first year of operations. The founders of the company are experts in their respective fields and have identified an excellent opportunity in the fast growing South African infrastructure development market to supply custom made solutions to its clients in a way none of its competitors are able to do.

Why use us

  • We offer more than just a product – we deliver a holistic solar solution to your benefit.
  • We support you every step of the way from concept , design and to installation for your power needs.
  • We bring you the best products on the market for a solutions that’s second to none.
  • We are a trusted name by virtue of our CE and ROHS certificates.
  • We provide reliable, cost competitive and clean power solutions to the emerging markets.
  • We update our products and constantly develop new products.
  • All our staff are knowledgeable, well trained and professional providing unparalleled service for your benefit.
  • Our technical staff are passionate about solar power and have several years of industry experience to share with you.

Meet the SolareeTeam

Mr Erich Krause

  • Founder and shareholder of Solar Energy Express Group.
  • Set up and ran several successful businesses.
  • Specialists in product development and design of renewable products over the last 10 years.
  • PV Solar project management specialist.
  • Specialist in energy turn-key solutions for commercial buildings.
  • National diploma in mechanical and industrial engineering.

Mr Michael Braun

  • Shareholder and director of Solar Energy Express.
  • Joined Solar Energy Express in October 2013.
  • Export specialist in Northern African States.
  • Diploma in electrical engineering.
  • Senior project manager in two major tele-communication companies.

Mr Gustav Klopper

  • Marketing and Sales manager.
  • Joined Solar Energy Express in 2014.
  • Specialist for PV Solar systems, solar geyser systems and agriculture water management.
  • LED Specialist for commercial buildings.


As a successful growing business ourselves, we place great emphasis on minimising disruption and maximising, your returns, We’ve worked with many commercial organisations across multiple Industries and have proven experience in sourcing systems that work to enhance business plans and fit with company aims.

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