PV systems for Homes produce electricity without noise and pollution. While the sun is shining, the system will yield electricity to supplement energy usage in homes, thus reducing the monthly electricity bill. We offer three Solar Energy Technology solutions:

1. PV grid-tie system for monthly energy savings (not used as backup power)
2. PV hybrid system with Battery storage, which allow for electricity self consumption after dark, and backup for “Load shedding”. Batteries are always charged by the PV system.
3. PV Island system with battery storage. These are systems deployed in area where there is no Eskom / Council electricity.

Houses are self powered and totally off the grid! Typically a three bed roomed house would require a 3 – 5 KW PV system, and larger housed 7 – 10 KW. The more efficient a House is the smaller the system. Thus LED Lighting and energy efficient apparatus are advised.

Renewable Energy

solar energy technologyRenewable Energy in the form of Photovoltaic PV systems produces electricity from a natural resource, the Sun. In the Southern African region the sun’s radiation per square meter, is on average one of the highest globally.

This abundance of sun energy is free for all and should be deployed by everyone in one way or another.

Solar Energy Technology

solar pv technology
The growing concerns about climate change and alternative sources of energy, have led to significant growth of the PV market. PV is reliable, safe, cost effective, low in maintenance, and has no CO2 emissions.

PV systems have been designed to yield electricity exceeding 20 years, with a return of investment of less than 6 years. this means that with ever rising costs of electricity, PV has the opposite scenario, and thus makes total economic sense.